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Summer workers for our greenhouses!

We are recruiting eager and enthusiastic people into our garden

Oksasen Puutarha is very well-known and recognized for its high-quality salads and herbs. We offer  versatile and healthy local food from the pure Finnish countryside. 

In autumn 2022 Oksasen Puutarha bought another family-owned garden, Pousin Puutarha. Both gardens  share the common value of family business, high-quality products, persistence, and continuous  development. The total production rises for more than 20 milj. potted herbs and lettuce, which is ~20% of  the total market in Finland. Oksasen Puutarha has its own brands and contract manufacturing.


We are now looking for summer workers for our greenhouses in Paattinen and Oripää

Join us for the summer to work various tasks in the gardening industry, such as planting, cutting, and packing salads. You do not need to have previous experience; the most important thing is that you are enthusiastic and energetic worker

Information related to summer work:

  • Summer jobs are available from May to September 30–40 h/week.
  • The starting time and duration of the employment relationship is agreeable. We appreciate that you want to work for a longer period (e.g. 2 months)
  • Working hours are mostly from Monday to Saturday at 06:00 AM – 2.30 PM but working hours may also vary.
  • The job can be physically heavy, so it requires good physical condition and accuracy.
  • There is no accommodation at the workplace, and you must have your own transport for commuting, as you cannot get to work on all shifts by public transport.
  • The collective agreement of horticulture is valid and used in all our gardens, including salaries.

At the Paattinen office, we will organize interviews in the garden on two Saturdays: 9th of March 2024 and 16th of March 2024. At the Oripää, the interview dates will be agreed with the applicant separately.

Please send your application by 1st of March 2024 via our website.

You can ask for more information from our supervisors at gardens: Maarit Aalto and Outi Paananen.
We will contact you after the application period has ended!

Fill in only if you are applying for a fixed-term position.
Previous work experience, references, etc.
Feel free to tell in your own words. You can also provide additional information here if you are applying for an internship or to do a thesis. 🙂
Add a CV or other attachment. Max 2 pcs, max size 5 MB per file. Allowed file formats .pdf, .doc, .docx, .odt, .xls, .ppt, .pptx, .pdf, .png, .jpg